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Exclusive New Pre-Raphaelite Muse: Anna Louise May

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The New-Pre Raphaelite Movement: Inspiration, Philosophy & Founding

Subculture Fashion & the Origins of Romantiqua Couture: Ideals, Values, Politics & Principles

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PLEASE NOTE: This notice is being posted to ensure the preservation of the integrity, reputation, definition, quality, ideals, values and philosophy of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement and definitions of the Romantiqua Couture style that is associated with the Philosophy..

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement is essentially an ideology that promotes creativity, non-conformity and a particular attitude towards art. Particular hallmarks define the fashion associated with this movement but promotion of the values of the Movement is the prime motivation of those involved and that's why we will protect and uphold these even if it means we have to use legal measures to ensure these values are not diluted or adulterated but self serving businesses and individuals who are not supportive of these ethics and are using them as a means to make money; not a means to further the principles the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement stands for and promotes. 



About Anna Louise May

Original Muse of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement & exclusive model for Romantiqua Couture. 

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 119-122lbs

Bust: 32c

Waist: 24" (22" corseted, 20" tight-laced)

Hips: 36"

Hair: Copper & shoulder length but currently growing it

Body Modification: Tattoos on torso and breasts not visible for modelling or dance work. 32 piercings; 8 body piercings not visible when modelling or dancing and 12 in each ear with small clear acrylic balls on labrets in them; very discreet and not visible in dance; rarely visible in modelling

Other information:  


Ballet/pointe dancer (working towards to BATD Grade 5).


Spiritual facilitator and writer teaching online attunement based energy healing and development courses since 2004.


Wear Romantiqua Couture styles full time and am involved in some of the design work  for the subculture fashion genre definition based on the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement's Philosophy (of which I am the founder and figurehead). I also act in the capacity of a managing director for the movement, promotional work and advertising, though the ethos of this group defines it as a co-operative for artists and creatives of all kinds as opposed to a business; it is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to artistic pursuits and furthering the awareness of the philosophy that underpins the movement.  Information about the movement may be found at


I design and make pearl and amber jewellery which will be available through my shop, Echoes Accessories ( in the near future.  I am also an exclusive model for the subculture fashion boutique (elements of Victoriana, Steampunk, Pre-Raphaelite, Lolita Classical Harajuku, Gothic, Romantic & Fantasy - very in keeping with my personal 'Romantiqua Couture' style!) featuring individual and bespoke designs by Jane Arden:


I play guitar and sing in a small band called Plotlanders on an ad-hoc basis as my schedule allows. 


I am a 3rd Degree Initiated Gardnerian High Priestess, ordained reverend and Reiki Master.  I work as a spiritual facilitator both teaching and writing online energy healing attunement based courses and carrying out magickal work for private clients too.  Information about my work can be found at, and


I also love listening to music of all kinds, love Barbie movies, Chanel No. 5, Creme de la Mer, Nag Champa incense, freshwater pearls and a number of creative pursuits including painting, writing poetry main passion would have to be ballet and any work I do that inspires others.

Information about my personal interests and pursuits may be found on my blog: